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Second part of the English course for  World Link 3 - units 4 to 6.

Second part. From Unit 9 to Unit 10.

Hi, In this course you will continue working and developing some habilities such as; reading, writing, listening and speaking. During this units you will find specific activities where you will be able to learn  about  new topics and be ready for the next level. 

The Learning Oriented Assessment approach encourages learnenrs to reflect and selfassess, following the: 
1. Grammar and Vocabulary and a mix of skills;
2. Effective Real-World Spoken Communication;
3. Skills with a special focus on writing;

According to the LOA approach, teaching and learning bring together an informal evaluation with more formal or structured assessment. That allows to pull together information and knowledge in order to understand learner's achievements and progress and to identify and address their needs in a tergeted and informed way.

Bienvenido/a al curso de alemán 1. 

En este espacio podrás seguir aprendiendo alemán a tu ritmo. Encontraras Información relevante sobre las unidades a trabajar en el curso así como los materiales y actividades del curso  divididos por semana y por habilidades : Hören, Lesen, Schreiben y Sprechen. Si tienes alguna duda puedes exponerla en el apartado de chat. 

In this course, the student will develop conversation without unnatural hesitation. He will use stress and intonation patterns to engage the listener´s interest. He will express feeeling and emotion. He will produce longer, more complex turns coherently.     

Second part of the English course  units 9 and 10.

Second Part. From Unit 10 To Unit 12.

Este curso está diseñado para dar continuidad al curso de alemán III